Letter: Give me written assurance of arts centre’s positive cash flow


Re: KTW’s excellent arts centre fact checker, which appeared in the Jan. 8 edition:

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Respectfully, here’s another fact to check out. Why, when taxpayers are walking away from paying off the loan on the Tournament Capital Centre, are arts centre proponents pushing us toward borrowing $45 million for what is a yet unproven positive rate of return to city taxpayers?

As with the 2015 arts centre referendum, there is still no credible, written study taken by the proponents that assures a positive rate of return to Kamloops taxpayers.

Hearsay and positive verbal assurances do not pay the bills should the arts centre not generate a positive cash flow.

We should be celebrating the end of the TCC debt. Why would we be borrowing another $45 million toward anything?

If the proponents of the arts centre can deliver a written and signed assurance to our city that the arts centre will result in positive cash flow, then I am in.

Really, who wouldn’t be?

Right now, though, it seems as though we are being asked to undertake a huge risk without assurances regarding a reasonable rate of return and positive cash flow to Kamloops Respectfully,

Les Evens

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