Letter: Go slow with secondary suite expansion


There are many issues to consider with secondary suites.

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Off-street parking is important as the neighbourhood would have zero control over on-street parking. Nor would the neighbourhood have control over who would be invited in, especially if the upper and lower portions of the home are rented, leaving the neighbourhood with people who have little interest in maintaining value and integrity with property values or peace in the area.

For most of us who have worked hard and built up equity over many years, we do not want to have that compromised with soft hearts. Take a drive to Surrey and see what has happened to neighbourhood properties with secondary suites. Many people cannot park in front of their own homes and must park some distance to access their property.

In Kamloops, the same situation is visible and many friends complain that since occupiers of suites park on the street, they are often unable to directly access their property. And the mass parking lot on the street certainly affects property values.

These friends tell me those suites are not legal. Once you have a bylaw allowing for secondary suites in all single-family homes, you will not be able to take it back.

There must be a better solution and the city should come up with better options.

Being a homeowner renting out anything is not fun. The pitfalls are many and, many times, the income just isn’t worth the headache.

We already have many secondary suites that are illegal, that do not meet municipal building codes and that do not have proper assessments, thus many that do not pay proper municipal property taxes and utility fees.

If we go for secondary suites without adequate legislation to meet various municipal codes, adequate engineering approvals and business licensing, the city will resemble a mass mosaic of degraded, cluttered neighbourhoods.

Dennis Paget

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