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Letter: Heartfelt thanks for help at Westsyde Road crash

All of the people who helped us that day did an incredible job


We are the family involved in the Feb. 26 head-on vehicle crash on Westsyde Road.

With this continuing to be an ongoing impaired driving-related investigation, I will not comment on the specifics of the crash itself.

I would, however, like to bring to attention the actions of all the people behind the scenes that came to our rescue. First and foremost, an incredible lady named Jenny Ann, as well as the young man who acted without thought on aiding us with help.

Another man, who had a fire department icon on his licence plate, pulled out of line and drove right up to our wrecked truck. I either did not catch their names or did not hear them and I sincerely apologize.

We seem to single out people to call heroes and put them in the limelight and oftentimes it’s just show. Then there are all those individuals in health care who put themselves on the line every day to assist those in need. They are the unsung heroes.

All of the people who helped us that day did an incredible job. They did what they are best at, what they have trained for and what they continue to do time after time — they helped. And for that we are grateful.

All the efforts from firefighters to paramedics to police officers to staff at Royal Inland Hospital made our tribulations easier to bear.

Jenny Ann even had my 86-year-old mother smiling while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Jenny Ann’s calm and professional demeanor lessened my mother’s panic and distress.

This incident will have serious consequences for her, coupled with the very recent loss of my brother and now trying to deal with injuries most likely beyond her capability to heal.

Our most heartfelt thanks to all the responders involved.

Sharlene Klein and family