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Letter: Hefty health-care overhaul needed in B.C.

If the last two years have highlighted anything, it is the sheer incompetence of those in charge of our health-care system


I cannot express the absolute helplessness, anger and distrust I feel with the current state of our medical system — and not just during the past two years that have brought it to its knees, but for the past 25 years.

This is a systemic problem passed on and passed over by every single government elected since the mid-1990s.

Health-care workers, namely nurses, have been grossly overworked for decades, with stagnant pay and disgusting hours.

Who in their right mind would willingly want to work 12- to 16-hour shifts, day and night, with no reasonable work-life balance, unrealistic workloads and a highly charged overly administrative and toxic environment. This would be unfair to ask of anyone, let alone someone whose very success or failure on the job literally means life or death.

If the last two years have highlighted anything, it is the sheer incompetence of those in charge of our health-care system.

During this time period, our government should have been opening more seats at universities for nurses and other health practitioners, offering free education upgrades for LNs and care-aides, using military medics to train health-care workers at a faster rate or doing anything else proactive to bolster the system.

Instead, we have burned-out an already overworked staff, cancelled “elective” or “non-urgent” procedures resulting in countless deaths due to unscreened cancers and other conditions, cancelled preventive surgeries and procedures, which then turn critical, disallowed advocates for people unable to speak for themselves because there can’t be too many people in the waiting room, people sent to suffer or die at home due to lack of space or staff, improper triage resulting in escalation of their illness or injury and the list goes on and on.

Yes, COVID-19 is serious, but it is a small stain on a filthy rag bandaging this bastardized system we call health-care.

I am asking our government to relax the bureaucracy for once and do something. MLAs have been elected to do something. They need to change the bandage, relax the purse strings and smarten up.

I’d say we are sick and tired of this nonsense, but we are too damn scared to be sick.

Michelle Neufeld