Letter: Hey, Kamloops snow plow driver — lift that blade!


Letter writer Michael Martin was spot in with his remarks about the quality of snow removal in the city (‘Not so wonderful snow removal work in Kamloops,’ Jan. 17).

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We are seniors who live on Crestline Street in Brocklehurst.

I am temporarily unable to shovel snow because I have a cast on my hand.

So the snow comes and my wife goes out with the shovel, spending 30 minutes out in the cold clearing our driveway.

She comes back into the house and starts removing her cold weather gear. Then the city plow truck roars by, filling the driveway entrance with broken chunks of ice and crud.

I called and complained and was told it just wasn’t possible for the plow truck operator to lift the blade when he got to a driveway.

Why is that so difficult? Surely, with a little training, it should be an option.

Bud Mullen

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