Letter: Hoping the City of Kamloops finally sees the light


I’m writing because of the city’s disregard for public health when it comes to the blue spectrum LED streetlights installed on a few streets around Kamloops, including our own.

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I have written and spoken to city staff on several occasions, as has my neighbour.

The health hazards of blue spectrum streetlights are well documented. Besides affecting sleep patterns, they can damage eyesight and increase rates of cancer for those exposed over extended periods.

I have asked the city on several occasions to at least decrease the wattage of the bulbs or go to more white spectrum lights, as other cities have done after discovering the ill effects of the blue spectrum bulbs.

I understand the city wants to save money and that it is not about to revert to the older fixtures, but why did the city install these hideous-ultra-bright-light-polluting-blue-spectrum lights on a residential street when most thoroughfares in the city still enjoy the friendlier orange spectrum lighting?

I am very unhappy with the city’s lack of response and disregard for our health and livability concerns.

Tim Francis

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