Letter: I should not be forced to pay for your kids


With respecy to Kamloops council supporting $10-a-day day care, I really wish someone would suggest that people be responsible for their lifestyle choices.

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As part of a barely middle-class couple who chose not to have a family to be able afford the life we want, I tire of people expecting the taxpayer (me) to subsidize their choices.

Neither they nor their children are special, as much as they think otherwise.

Newsflash — if you can’t afford day care, you probably can’t afford children.

Kids are expensive. Just because you want something does not mean you’re entitled to it.

I’d like to drive a Porsche and it’s my right to choose, but I drive a 12-year-old Subaru.

It’s called living within your means, a concept not understood by many these days.

People need to learn to be responsible for their actions and choices and stop expecting to be subsidized.

Fred Bugden


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