Letter: ICBC not as evil as alleged in letter


The recent letter from Frank Weber regarding ICBC was typical of a “grass is always greener” type of attitude (‘ICBC needs true competition,” Sept. 11).

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Obviously, Weber has never been exposed to the world of private auto insurance, a world in which you can be refused insurance based on your driving record and where claims, if approved at all, take forever to settle.

ICBC cannot by law refuse to insure anyone. Of course, that means those with poor driving records affect the premiums we all pay.

However, if we are to compare apples to apples, those with good driving records pay pretty close to the same or less than drivers in Alberta with good records.

Weber seems to think that anything being run by the government is bad.

I wonder if he includes police and fire departments and the military in that assessment?

ICBC works and has not been privatized for decades because it does work.

The people who work there are not, as Weber alleges, worried only about jobs, bonuses and pensions — although I would bet Weber worries about those, as do many of us these days.

The usual diatribes about government services are getting just a bit tiresome, especially in light of the chaos that results from running government like a business.

I offer U.S. President Donald Trump and Ontario Premier Doug Ford as shining examples of perhaps what Weber would prefer.

Bill Ligertwood

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