Letter: If the world changes, it will be women behind the movement


Here is a perspective I have a not heard amongst the barrage of speculation and opinion about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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I suspect Jody Wilson-Raybould knew which direction things were going when she recorded her conversation with Michael Wernick.

I suspect she was covering herself, hoping she’d never have to use the recording. She waited a long time.

But the Liberal Party of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed her.

What is happening right now is a deeper feminism than any conversation about equality and equity.

It is a demonstration by women who want to use skills different from those of men in a culture based on a patriarchal foundation of adversarial old boy ways of doing business.

(Think Donald Trump, Doug Ford, etc.)

Trudeau set himself up as the feminist prime minister who was going to do government in a different way.

When those two women — Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott — held him to his word, he got more than he bargained for, and so did they when they were evicted from the old boys’ club for not obeying their rules and refusing to be bullied.

I say bravo, bravo. We will see more of this as women gain equal power because research repeatedly shows women do things differently — more collaboratively and co-operatively.

I have not heard anyone mention that in her recording with Wernick, Wilson-Raybould was without doubt trying to protect Trudeau, to inform him that what he was doing was unacceptable and inappropriate.

Everyone has forgotten it started with a broken law.

The real point of it has become lost in the rhetoric of the media and what they choose to sensationalize, and politicians using what they can to get elected in the fall.

I can see them licking their lips right now. Handmaidens to an unchanged system, unable to wait until tomorrow, when they can continue to aggrandize the game of politics, so-called democracy and their own spin-doctoring.

These are very interesting times.

The world is going to be turned upside down before we know if this planet will survive both the inner and outer landscape.

If it changes, it will be the women who do it.

Wendy Weseen

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