Letter: Imagine McArthur Island slough as an outdoor pool


Re: The KTW story of Feb. 15 regarding leisure water availability in Kamloops (‘Limited leisure pools in city’)

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The city’s community and protective services director, Byron McCorkell, states that the city has a lack of “leisure pool opportunities” with “unobstructed play water.”

To this I couldn’t agree more, particularly during the hot summer months with the recent closure of the pool in McDonald Park.

That closure followed the shuttering of outdoor pools in Riverside Park and Valleyview.

I’ve often wondered why the city hasn’t ever used the slough at McArthur Island as a natural swimming hole.

Each year, the slough fills with fresh river water, which enters through a culvert within the southern causeway and exits through a culvert in the northern causeway.

Why not simply place a cap on both culverts once the slough fills up and create a natural water lake?

To keep the water fresh, additional water could be pumped from the river into the lake from the south and drain from the north, thereby keeping the lake full of fresh water, with a slow-moving current from south to north.

Millennium Park in Castlegar uses the Columbia River to create three natural swimming ponds and the man-made lagoon at Harrison Hot Springs is another example.

And don’t forget Trout Lake in Vancouver, which was originally a peat bog before it was turned into a lake.

As a bonus, the water in the McArthur Island slough would freeze in the winter, creating a massive outdoor skating rink.

Why can’t this be done?

Mac Gordon



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