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Oh, Canada?

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Our federal government recently gave $275 million to refugees.

Recently, it contributed another $22 million for their support.

My parents immigrated to Canada from a Nazi-occupied country before the Second World War.

They had no assistance, but managed on their own to come to Canada and survived by hard work and sacrifice.

They had nine children.

We were call D.P.s.

[Displaced Persons Act of 1948, authorized for a limited period of time the admission into the U.S. and Canada of 200,000 certain European displaced persons for permanent residence at the end of the Second World War.]

We were poor at that time and didn’t know anything different.

Our parents, with their children and grandchildren, have produced: teachers, engineers, accountants, university president, an international franchise management company, an optometrist, a naturopath doctor, successful business owners, etc.

Three years ago, our son married a school teacher — a U.S. citizen, with a bachelor’s degree.

She is not allowed to immigrate to Canada, due to Canadian immigration tardiness.

Carry on Canada and Mr. Trudeau.

Janos Nemyoh
Son of a Hungarian D.P.

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