Letter: Incomes are not keep up with property tax hikes


The Thompson-Nicola Regional District board should be commended for wisely nixing a request from Thompson Rivers University for $250,000 to establish a student endowment (‘TNRD rejects TRU’s $250,000 funding request,’ June 14).

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It is not the regional district’s responsibility to help fund post-secondary education. If more such requests pile up, I fear for the well-being of taxpayers in funding their own living and comforts.

Over the years, taxpaying seniors have seen their property and other taxes inching up steadily, without any appreciable increasing in pension income.

Not too long ago, I bought my house and paid first-year taxes of about $1,600. Council has since kept adding taxes insensibly on amenities — some of which I have never used — and my 2019 tax bill is about $2,100.

When will this madness stop?

Now we have a non-profit society forming to promote a performing-arts centre.

My message to the society is for it to raise as many millions as it needs through corporate and private donations, but to not expect to look to already heavily burdened taxpayers to pay for the centre’s upkeep and operation.

This way, one person’s cultural sophistication and fancy need not lead to another person’s financial enslavement and ruin.

Narayan Mitra

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