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Letter: Is driving school the answer?

Re: (‘Get those bikes off Kamloops sidewalks,’ July 5)


Re: (‘Get those bikes off Kamloops sidewalks,’ July 5):

Sidewalks — as the name implies — are for pedestrians. It does not indicate anywhere in the name that bikes or any other vehicle should be used on them.

The issue, in my opinion, is the change the whole traffic picture has endured over the last 10 years, when Canadians discovered there was a different way to get from point A to point B. Other countries have known this for many years. Things have changed and many now ride their bikes to work, school and for pleasure.

Coming from a country where everyone rides a bike, on the road with the other users, cars, buses, trucks etc., children are educated on how to behave on the road on a bike.

An exam, similar to a driver’s license, occurred in elementary school. That is where Canada needs to take responsibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Tilly Meuwissen