Letter: It’s time to take back the downtown from the thugs


Having recently been assaulted downtown in front of the library at noon on a Wednesday (Kamloops Farmers’ Market day), I wish to thank the Kamloops firefighters who were stopped at a traffic light and came to my aid.

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One stayed with me and the other followed and called police, who eventually arrested the individual.

Two women from the library’s human-resources department also stayed with me until security arrived.

Several other people were apparently assaulted by this same individual at the market.

When I first moved downtown more than three years ago, I went for my walks while smiling at everyone. For the past year or more, I have found it hard to smile.

Downtown Kamloops has to be taken back for the people, the normal everyday people who deserve to enjoy the area, not the druggies and thugs who are taking it over.

We need to quit enabling this travesty to continue.

Anybody running in the Oct. 20 civic election that has ideas other than making it easy for people to take advantage of society will get my vote.

Douglas Morrison

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