Letter: It’s time we saw the light in Valleyview corridor


There is an issue with traffic flow deterioration along the Trans-Canada Highway corridor in Valleyview, between Vicars and Tanager roads.

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A bypass is years away at best.

There is a simple change I believe would certainly improve traffic flow.

Someone with sufficient political will could work with the Ministry of Transportation and CP Rail to alter the information in the computer that runs the traffic lights.

The highway traffic lights at Vicars, River and Tanager roads run through a sequence triggered by an approaching train. It stops all traffic travelling east or west on the highway to allow cross traffic to clear before the train blocks the crossing.

The problem with this system is that it doesn’t take into account traffic demand information.

This means that even if there is no cross traffic, the train will trigger the lights and everything comes to a grinding halt.

It gets worse after the train has passed. Within a few seconds of the train passing the crossing, the lights are again triggered — only this time there is a longer light to allow for traffic turning left from the highway to the side street.

Theses sequences happen without information from traffic-demand sensors. It results in a frustrating stoppage for no reason, as well as a huge waste of fuel to accelerate back to highway speed.

It seems like an easy fix to me.

Dave Decker

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