Letter: Joint project idea: City Hall, BCLC, PAC, parkade


This is regarding the need for a new City Hall building, BCLC building, performing-arts centre and parkade.

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It seems that the City of Kamloops and BCLC own the whole block upon which they are both currently located, so why not do a joint development?

The joint development could include office space for City Hall, BCLC, a PAC and parkade.

This proposed development would anchor the west side of the city, spreading commercial development from West Victoria Street right through to the current commercial development.

This would take parking pressure off Third Avenue area, as there will be times when there will be concerts or theatre events at the PAC and Blazers’ games, (or other events at Sandman Centre) and the downtown core will be inundated with traffic.

If this warrants further review, the City’s transportation study should be postponed or include this development in its planning.

There isn’t enough parking downtown for both Sandman Centre and PAC events, so public transit will need to be expanded to accomodate events at these two facilities.

Once City Hall has moved then 105 Seymour St. can be sold for development or another parkade if needed.

With the BCLC being a Crown Corporation, I’m sure our provincial government will want to fund a joint initiative like this.

Our federal and provincial governments usually have grants for PAC developments such as this.

The City fund it via long-term borrowing and has reserve funds (transportation and lands) that can also be used.

Leonard P. Piggin

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