Letter: Just because it’s legal does not make it right


There are interesting opinions regarding the use of City of Kamoops-generated biosolids on private land in Turtle Valley.

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Arrow Transport says it is legal to dump the biosolids, but just because something is legal doesn’t mean we have to like it.

I have to wonder how the City of Kamloops came up with Turtle Valley as a place to dump its biosolids when there are so many other potential sites to be used.

Regarding the opinion that the biosolids are safe, a Kamloops Judge ruled recently that even though both sides had an expert opinion, both experts had differing opinions — and he sided with neither.

I wonder if all the underground waterways have been mapped so we know where the runoff will go?

Maybe Kamloops needs to find another location for its biosolids. Also, what do other jurisdictions do with their waste?

Don Porter

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