Letter: Kamloops council makes wise decisions for our future


Thanks to city council, safer walking and biking routes just got closer to becoming a reality — as did enhanced transit.

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I am so proud of city council for pushing through planned construction of safer walkways, bike routes and mixed-use paths.

These have been moved up to a closer timeline than originally projected, due to council’s decision this past Tuesday.

This is in keeping with a cleaner city, healthier citizens, reduced investment in parking and a quieter, friendlier city in which to get around.

It helps all of us achieve goals of a smaller carbon footprint because the safer it is to get around out of our cars, the more likely we are to switch to human power.

Increased transit is also a win because even when we give up our cars, we can still get from downtown to a dinner party at the top of Pacific Way.

Chances are you also need a bus to get to General Grants with your recycling. Some people will need it just to get to work and home.

I am bursting with pride at this bold move into a better future.

This is fully in keeping with the direction David Suzuki encouraged when he appeared at TRU last week. This is how I want my tax dollars spent.

Speaking of which, I heard rumour that one of the people who wrote letters to the editor speaking against the Peterson Creek multi-use path now walks it every day.

Come on, walker, give us a follow-up letter as to why this investment is paying off for you. as it is for the rest of us.

Margaret Archibald

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