Letter: Kamloops council needs to do its job and manage the city


Did I miss something during the last municipal election?

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Was there a new job description of saving the planet no matter what it costs Kamloops taxpayers?

Why is Kamloops council trying to solve the problems of the planet at our expense? All the discussion on plastic bag bans does not fall under council’s job description.

It is for federal MPs to discuss and enact legislation for minions like us and our council to follow. We don’t need to triplicate all the work at taxpayers’ expense through federal, provincial and municipal taxes.

Kamloops council members need to stay on track and do the job they were hired to do — manage the city.

All the wasted hours of debating plastic bags is ridiculous. Who gets to spend the five cent per bag charge? Is it a tax grab to fill general coffers or will it be used for recycling?

If the bags are not available with our groceries then we will buy them by the roll for our garbage cans.

Council members need to get off their soapboxes and do what they were hired to do.

If not, they should run for federal positions, where there is power and a mandate to make a difference.

Jay Barlow

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