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Letter: Kamloops council needs to find solutions outside of city hall

This election, I am looking for a council that will look outside itself for ideas and solutions


I have reflected on the past four years on what I would have done differently and how I will vote in the Oct. 15 civic election.

The one issue that continues to generate discussion, concerns and questions in the city is the subject of homelessness and related social problems. In 2018, I attended a council meeting where an idea of a service for the homeless was presented. It was a place where they can store documents and legal paperwork.

The individual presenting to council said the idea came from a model used in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

That immediately got my attention — why would Kamloops want to model itself after that particular area?

Where I fell short was that I did not speak up. The idea was accepted and the motion was passed. What we now have is one more downtown service for the homeless population.

In 2021, I wrote a letter to the editor, suggesting the city reconsider any more ideas that will expand the footprint of the homeless population.

I noted that perhaps all services can be centralized, such as Service Canada has done, with a one-stop shop. My letter did not get published, but I was so pleased when another Kamloopsian wrote in with the same idea.

This election, I am looking for a council that will look outside itself for ideas and solutions.

I attend meetings, participate, write letters provide feedback and speak up in a manner that encourages our local government. I will be at the polls this fall. For that, I am responsible.

Marguerite Dodds