Letter: Kamloops council should help us all grow more gardens


Re: Christopher Foulds’ column of March 8 (‘More food for thought wasted’):

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I am in huge agreement with rethinking former councillor Donovan Cavers’ motion that called for more edible planting in Kamloops.

I moved back to this area because spring, summer and fall is longer and there is a vast amount of growing options.

Kamloopsians can grow just about anything, given a small amount of water and decent soil.

I am so proud of my former strata, which defied popular thinking and built four-foot-by-eight-foot garden beds for each unit and increased the amount of viable fruit and growing area.

We also took our chain link fence and planted bee-friendly plants and scarlet runner beans.

The amount of produce in each bed was astonishing.

Sadly, from speaking with residents of other stratas, I was told they couldn’t do likewise because it was deemed unsightly.

I grew enough vegetables to freeze, make stews and soups and share.

Kamloops can run with its Tournament Capital name, but we can also grow enough fresh food to teach and support a whole new generation.

Brock Middle School has converted its concrete outside area to a sustainable growing area where youth can pick food/snacks from a garden.

I believe that new Kamloops council should make it easier to promote new food users.

The first step is to encourage developers, as part of their permit, to promote sustainable gardens.

Pam Bragg


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