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Letter: Kamloops creates two-tiered garbage collection system

The city should not have full discretion to inequitably distribute municipal services


The City of Kamloops has announced it is intentionally creating inequities in municipal services for certain residents, based on where they live.

The neighbourhoods that were forced into the city’s organics pilot program over the last year will now only be able to put out one bin of solid waste per household every two weeks, while the remainder of the city will still have weekly garbage collection.

This will begin November and the inequity in municipal services is expected to last one year, during which both groups will pay the same for solid waste collection, despite one group getting double the service.

The City of Kamloops apparently feels it has the right to pick and choose who gets what benefits, without any concern for equal treatment of all residents.

Residents are left at the whim of the city’s frivolous initiatives of the day.

What will city hall do next? Will it choose only certain streets to plow? Will water bills in some areas of the city be double others? Do any city councillors live in the areas with reduced services or do they pawn reduction of municipal services off to other residents?

The city should not have full discretion to inequitably distribute municipal services.

It is a gross abuse of its power and should be a concern to every resident. The city should be working to ensure fair and equitable resources for all, not intentionally creating disparities.

Raimey Olthuis