Letter: Kamloops needs flash mob pothole crews


I was recently driving students to Thompson Rivers University.

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In my vehicle were a Sikh from Britain and an African from Gold Coast.

My Sikh friend said “Man, these roads here are bad.”

My African friend responded: “Not as bad as my country, where you drive from inside one pothole into the next pothole.”

Both agree you don’t notice how bad it is when riding the bus to school.

I’ve never seen the roads in Kamloops in such poor condition.

The city just finished its $3.2-million path Peterson Creek path to nowhere. In 15 years of mountain biking in town, I have never entered or exited Peterson Creek from this new spot by Sa-Hali secondary, nor has anyone I know, hikers or bikers.

Were funds to build council’s ego folly taken from the roadworks budget?

The size and number of potholes is increasing. The intersection at Summit Drive and Columbia Street and at Hillside Drive and Hugh Allan Drive all have numerous deep potholes.

At Summit Drive and McGill Road, I almost lost my Smart Car in a big pothole. Winter is upon us, yet I don’t see much more being done about patching.

I purchased road tar patch in a bag from Home Depot and filled a monster hole outside our complex. Perhaps residents should form teams to plug and patch.

Maybe the city can reimburse us, though I am not sure about liability?

Would we get arrested for helping to save accidents, cut down on ICBC insurance claims and reducing overtime costs of city workers?

Picture it — a flash mob pothole filling, where we arrive simultaneously, emergency flashers on, two in front and two behind the offending hole, jumping from cars with shovels in hand, placing safety cones, dumping the goods in the hole, patting it down, stomping on top, jumping back in our vehicles and we are gone.

Take a moment, phone city hall to join the team.

Jim Knowles

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