Letter: Keep your eyes — and nose — open


In reading printed and online news reports about problems in society and in our own city, it isn’t hard to see how devastating the abuse of drugs has become.

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In capital letters, it has been the OPIOID crisis.

But, like an elephant in the room, does crystal meth still destroy people’s lives?

In 2013, Kamloops’ former top cop, Insp. Brad Mueller, advised that crystal meth was an increasing problem in 2013.

Does it remain an insidious problem in 2018? I would truly like to have public feedback from emergency services to gain a better insight with regards to methamphetamine use in Kamloops.

I have done some research into production of methamphetamine in clandestine labs. Even calling these operations “labs” is a huge stretch.

As part of my reading, likely the most important part the public can play is to be aware of their surroundings.

I like that advice given by law-enforcement agencies. Yes, we hear of finding dirty needles and other materials used in the drug trade, but there is more.

Can Kamloops Fire Rescue and the City of Kamloops perhaps publish an information brochure online to advise the public what to do if they notice chemical smells, a strong smell of urine or chlorine or the odour of solvent, along with the sight of dead or dying vegetation?

These things are not normal and should be considered suspicious.

When researching what is used to make crystal meth, it made my heart skip a few beats and sent a chill down my spine.

Apparently, it can be made in small or large amounts, with the waste discarded into drains, toilets and public places.

Can anyone imagine some youngster playing in an area where that toxic waste has been discarded?

What I gleaned from the reading I have done is that suspicious smells and physical evidence should be reported to authorities so appropriate action can be taken.

We are a community, together, for the good of all.

John Noakes

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