Letter: Kind Kamloops Mountie made son's day


On Tuesday, Feb. 26, I was with my four-year-old son, Jim, standing in line at the walk-in clinic behind Superstore.

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As we waited, a Kamloops RCMP vehicle rolled up and one officer entered the clinic. The second officer remained in the car and started talking to my son.

After he had warmed himself up to Jim, the Mountie then asked my son if he would like to see the police car.

My boy’s eyes lit up so bright as he replied, “Really? Yes!”

The officer then jumped out of his car and let Jim take front seat. The constable showed Jim the entire car, including the big shotgun that was in the middle.

The officer asked Jim if he wanted to see something “cool” — then showed him a switch and how to turn it on. He let Jim flip the switch and on went the flashing lights.

Jim Ross
Jim Ross with kids' police gear purchased at the store after his encounter with Kamloops Const. Howard Morine. - Laura Ross/Facebook

The two of them jumped out of the car to see the flashing lights that Jim had turned on.

My son was so proud he did that himself, but not as proud as I was of him.

Little Jim then asked to see the back of the vehicle, so the Mountie checked the back seat, of course, before inviting my boy to enter. Jim crawled in, sat down asked the officer “come in with me.”

The officer laughed and sat beside him. They had a little conversation and introduced themselves. The police officer was so nice that he even took a photo of us on his phone because I had left mine in my car.

I rarely hear of this happening just for the fun of it, but I am so glad it happened to my boy. Not only did Jim avoid waiting in the cold, he also got to take over a police car.

He was so excited about what had happened that we went and bought him some kids’ police gear at the store.

Jim used to be afraid of the police and thought they were mean, but now if you ask him, I bet he will tell you he loves them.

The officer told me he wishes he had the chance to do this more often with children so they can feel safe with them and not afraid.

I hope my boy remembers this day when he is older and it makes an impact on his future to do right.

Hopefully, we see more of this happening to other children.

Thank you, Const. Howard Morine, for this experience.

Laura Ross


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