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The classic icon of a newspaper reporter is Clark Kent-esque, notebook in hand and a pen tucked behind an ear.

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We lament the gradual loss of large newsrooms teeming with the clatter of typewriters and the frantic buzz of a breaking story.

The role I see Kamloops This Week playing in our community today is so much more than this.

I see a team of community-minded people pitching in at literacy events (Interior Saving Unplug & Play), bolstering the arts and volunteerism (TimeRaiser) and lending a hand to initiatives that empower Kamloopsians from all walks of life (the Big Edition street newspaper).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s no surprise to see KTW awarded Corporate Champion of the Arts at the 2019 Mayor’s Gala.

Last weekend, I helped organize Word Walk Unplugged, part of the Interior Savings Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week.

It is just one of the many community events KTW sponsors. The support of this event goes beyond widely distributed advertising.

KTW staff show up and help make community happen.

The ever-charismatic Tara Holmes spent the afternoon at Word Walk Unplugged running the KTW Blackout Poetry station. People of all ages pulled up a chair and unleashed their creativity with the help of a Sharpie and back issues of the newspaper.

We were all reminded that nothing can replace a story captured in ink, one that can be held, clipped, preserved in a scrapbook or used as the starting point for a new story.

When I studied journalism at Carleton University almost 30 years ago, I was awestruck by the important role the news media played in informing community.

Who knew that news media, like Kamloops This Week, would grow into the important role of shaping community.

Tamara Vukusic

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