Letter: Kudos to Kamloops Coun. Bill Sarai


I offer my thanks to Kamloops Coun. Bill Sarai, for keeping his campaign promise to speak up for Brocklehurst.

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In January, we purchased a home on the river, but the problems began when the weather turned nice.

Our home is adjacent to a dead-end and it was there where we soon discovered activity that compromised the beauty, peace and serenity of our street.

Non-residents of our street were using the dead-end for multi-car parking, overnight camping, dumping, littering, loitering and activity I do not care to mention.

I contacted the city’s bylaws department and was told that until a sign was up erected, the officers were unable to help us.

I then remembered seeing Sarai at a neighbourhood meeting and recalled that he appeared passionate about Brocklehurst.

I looked up his contact information on the city’s website and found his telephone number.

I was pleasantly surprised that he actually answered his phone. He took my call, listened to my concerns, asked me to send him an email and said he would get back to me later that evening.

And he did.

The next day, Sarai came out, met with us and assessed the situation — a personal touch we did not expect.

Then, on our behalf, he contacted the department within city hall that could help us and the ball began to roll.

I was provided instructions and direction for what was required of me in order to have “No Parking” signage installed.

I enjoyed the proactive position and did my part.

Within three weeks, the city crew was out and the signs were installed.

Kudos to Sarai for keeping his promise.

Marguerite Dodds

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