Letter: Let's eliminate the Peter Principle


I agree with what Bob Wren wrote in his Oct. 19 letter about potholes.

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It seems the City of Kamloops is working by the Peter Principle, in that people are promoted to their level of incompetence.

The Peterson Creek pathway came in over budget because they did not listen. Beautifying the downtown parkade came in over budget. It took forever and a day to finish the turning-lane project at the corner of Fortune Drive and Eighth Street.

Work on Singh Street took forever to complete. The planned upgrade for West Victoria Street is expected to take two years to finish.

Who is doing these jobs? I hope it isn’t the city.

Back in 1963, we overhauled three miles of the Fraser Highway through Surrey. Water mains, sewers and electrical infrastructure were all put underground. There were curbs and gutters added, sidewalks built and all roads paved.

All this was done within six months

And, while work was underway, traffic was always moving.

Bruce Dahling


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