Letter: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?


While shopping recently, I overheard a man wishing someone “Happy holidays.”

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I asked why he used that phrase, instead of saying “Merry Christmas.”

He replied that saying “Merry Christmas” offended him.

Our traditional way of expressing ourselves about Christmas follows long-established traditions and beliefs.

These traditions have been a way for us in North America for centuries. Many of them are based on religious beliefs.

Some people want to change this greeting by telling us it goes against their human rights. They insist longstanding traditions should be banished because it offends some people in a minority group.

Everyone has the right to celebrate Christmas as they wish. I will continue to wish people a “Merry Christmas.” If this offends you, perhaps you should consider covering your ears or moving to any area of the world that supports your wishes and your values.

It is my opinion that wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” while celebrating Christmas offends no one as it is part of long-established Canadian culture and traditions.

Merry Christmas to everyone and may all find peace and goodwill during this Christmas season.

Barry Campbell

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