Letter: My cruise mate, the professor, is probably right


On a recent cruise through the Panama Canal, we were fortunate to have as a dinner guest for 16 days a retired professor who taught nuclear physics at Stanford University.

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We had many discussions on things taking place on our planet, including climate change.

The professor had a very interesting view, that climate change is a naturally occurring phenomena being accelerated by an exploding world population.

The population now is 7.4 billion and will double in 30 years to 15 billion. All wars will be fought over food and water.

When you think about, it he could be right.

Cod on the East Coast have been fished out and show no signs of recovering. Our salmon stocks are in decline, as are fish stocks across the world.

I don’t think a carbon tax in Canada will have any impact on countries with exploding populations, countries that are the major polluters.

I moved to Kamloops in 1970 to work at Highland Valley Copper near Logan Lake, which was known then as Lornex.

What was prime farm land at the time is now houses or industrial estates.

The professor could be right.

Len Skakun


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