Letter: Naysaying vultures shooting down PAC idea


I have lived in communities large and small from Nova Scotia to California and I have never seen a group of naysayers like those in Kamloops who are waiting like vultures to jump on and destroy any new, progressive vision.

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I have to wonder why there are so many Kamloopsians who want to fight arts and culture in the shape of a performing arts centre to the very end.

Is it the minuscule amount of taxes it would cost home owners? Are they also complaining about the big tax breaks that polluters like Domtar get?

Perhaps it is because they want to block something that would benefit the people they feel are “snooty” — rich people who look down on them?

The fact is, many people — rich and poor — love the arts and many artists live in poverty because of their love and dedication to their craft.

I never go to Blazer games, but I took my granddaughter to Sandman Centre recently to see Cirque du Soliel and they did a great job of making the hockey arena look like a theatre.

It was sad, however, that they didn’t have a real theatre to perform in. The same can be said for the Moscow Ballet at the Sagebrush.

Linda Davidson

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