Letter: Never, ever tamper with our beloved Riverside Park


Riverside Park is as sacred to Kamloops residents as Stanley Park is to Vancouverites or Central Park is to New Yorkers.

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Fifty years ago, it was a huge park in a small town. Today, it is a relatively small park in a city.

Fifty years from now, Riverside will be a tiny park in a huge city.

With the many fishing lakes and sports venues, Kamloops is unique and not comparable to Kelowna.

Kelowna has miles of beaches, so it can give up beach areas for commercial buildings and parking lots.

We have one small strip of riverside and cannot afford that luxury.

In the past year, council has heard proposals to squeeze in a public market with parking and an outdoor ice rink — the latter because Kelowna has one.

Now the city has decided to erect a work of art featuring padlocks to raise money for the Kamloops Food Bank.

Council should not create a permanent fundraiser precedent using the park.

Why not consider city hall, the museum, the library, Victoria Street or the Third Avenue pedestrian location?

Please stop shoving everything but the kitchen sink into Riverside Park.

Our parks are our Crown jewels.

Council should take care of them, nurture them and not squander them.

Please leave the parks as lovely as they are now, with the very clever parks board making Kamloops a beautiful place to call our home.

R. Burns
A. Alberts

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