Letter: No plastic bag ban until city gives us alternatives


The discontinued use of plastic straws and plastic take-out food containers works because restaurants that have done so have provided recyclable and/or biodegradable alternatives to the plastic products they no longer use.

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Banning all grocery store plastic bags, however, does present a problem.

We use some insulated bags and some cloth bags when we shop for groceries, but we also purchase a few plastic bags for four cents each at the checkout.

These grocery store plastic bags are already made from recycled plastic and we subsequently use them to dispose of wet kitchen waste (vegetable peelings, meat trimmings, egg shells, coffee filters, etc.), so they are definitely not single use.

Putting wet kitchen waste directly into the garbage bin would create a wet stinky mess inside a garage and a huge bear attractant if bins are kept in a carport between weekly pickups.

Washing out a large garbage bin every week is not realistic, especially in winter, because it would waste a lot of water and still leave the dirty water be disposed of somewhere.

Not everyone has a backyard composter (some don’t even have backyards) and there is no curbside recycling program for kitchen waste.

It would be irresponsible for Kamloops council to ban plastic bags without first providing a convenient and realistic alternative.

Ken Dalke

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