Letter: Not a fan of renovations at downtown Kamloops library


I have to agree with letter writer Jeanette Taylor (‘Not a fan of renovated Kamloops library,’ Feb. 14).

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I am not happy with what was done to our downtown library.

I also now prefer the library in North Kamloops.

The goal of any costly renovation should be an improvement and not patchwork. The work done in the library was an unnecessary waste of money.

Before, we had a computer lab with a knowledgeable employee taking care of patrons and keeping disturbances under control

With the renovations, the lab has been abolished. The computers are now in the entrance areas, where the most traffic and noise is present.

We have people eating in front of the computers and, if you like to use one, you have to first clean the place.

The reading section can no longer be called a cozy, comfortable and relaxed place anymore.

Why did no one think about the creation of a silent room with some leisure atmosphere?

I don’t think the opening of the planned cafe will make anything better and change my mind.

Guenter Gottloeber


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