Letter: Not so wonderful snow removal work in Kamloops


The City of Kamloops should be ashamed of its so-called snow-removal services.

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As a postal worker, I see every day what our citizens have to put up with after a snowfall.

Streets that are narrowing by the day, corners that are hazards for anyone not driving a four-by-four vehicle, sidewalks that would be better off used with snowshoes and driveways buried behind great walls of ice are becoming the norm.

I’ve seen operators of snow plows deliberately deposit snow in driveways when they are working in cul de sacs. I have talked to people in those cul de sacs and found this is normal practice every winter.

We can’t shovel snow into the street, yet the city can bury us. One senior I spoke with said what the city is doing is criminal.

Yes, many sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. Ticket them for not clearing the sidewalks. Yet even when people do clear the sidewalks of snow, the city comes by and buries the corners behind snow and ice.

I’d much rather see an increase in my taxes to pay for better snow and ice removal than for an arts centre we have already stated we don’t want.

Michael Martin

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