Letter: Offended by story on sex dolls in Kamloops


Re: (‘Doll dates delivered in Kamloops,’ Nov. 21):

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I take offense to the fact that you chose to run this article on the front page, providing free advertising to a business on a topic that basically spells out “sex sells (sells newspapers).”

KTW staff, including operations manager Tim Shoults, have written columns in the past year about why newspapers matter now, more than ever.

And I believe they do. I believe KTW has a huge responsibility in helping to shape and lead our community. As a newspaper, you have also conveyed how important it is for us to choose carefully where we read our news.

And I agree with you — it really matters.

I believe there was an error in judgment in printing this in-depth article on the front page of your publication.

I reach this opinion as an entrepreneur with a new business idea (memory quilts) working in Kamloops, as a person who believes strongly in values and ethics and as a regular Kamloops This Week reader.

Marnie Freeman


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