Letter: Online attacks for stating an opinion


Regarding the political spectrum worksheet given to a Grade 10 class at Valleyview secondary (‘SD73 will investigate following politically divisive worksheet assignment,’ Oct. 3):

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I live in Juniper and when I saw parent Matt DeFouw’s online post about the matter, I left a comment saying I thought the worksheet was pretty accurate.

I was then deluged with hateful responses. I was called names — “bitch, commie, retarded, idiot, moron” — and so on.

Besides the personal attacks, there were other disturbing comments. One fellow made a racist comment about “Mooselums.”

Another said “This is a serious problem, if allowed to continue next they will be handing out Korans and telling them they have to read it, that if they don’t read it they will be right wing radical racists.”

This from another: “Who are you going to be able to complain to ... more hardcore left thinkers? Politics should not be taught in public schools because 99.9% of teachers are leftards. Either liberal or communists.”

I copied, pasted and saved a few of the comments. I am glad I did because the entire post was removed.

Linda Davidson

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