Letter: ‘Opportunistic deceit’ rules


Re: The March 15 column by Aberdeen Publishing operations manager Tim Shoults (‘How local business supports news’):

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Shoults writes: “According to research conducted by … News Media Canada, Canadians trust ads they see in newspapers and on newspaper affiliated websites more than the ads in any other medium …”

The result of the 2018 electoral-reform referendum shows news supports politics. Voters trust the media in the political realm.

The question is where (when) does advertising become propaganda?

The referendum result allows the political establishment to conclude it has prior consent from the voters.

Both business and politics are following “opportunistic deceit” (I wish I thought of the term) in deceiving customers for profits and deceiving voters for power.

What if the first past the post electoral system becomes so broken even the political establishment decides to do something?

How long until voters are deemed so simple and apathetic to negate even voting in a simple election, with so many wasted votes and distorted results to question the whole exercise?

An all-knowing government can do away with elections?

It will be democratic because “they” say so?

In the international sphere, the designation “People’s Democracy” indicates a lack of democracy.

Will we become The People’s Democratic Province of British Columbia?

If so, we must blame our misguided trust in what we read in newspapers.

Ray Jones

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