Letter: Outdoor ice rink money could be better spent


Reading the Dec. 19 article by KTW reporter Jessica Wallace (‘Ice rink barely survives council vote’) brought back memories of the tennis courts that were built throughout the city some 20-or-so years earlier.

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I remember the budgeted cost was about $120,000.

Within only a couple of years, the nets were pulled down and the nicely paved courts were left to deteriorate, unused.

There are cracks with weeds growing in the tennis courts near the area I live.

This was a well-supported project by the local tennis association. It was supposed to promote good health through physical activity.

Kamloops council of the day cheered themselves as they approved the project.

I continue to notice none of these courts are being used for tennis or any other activity.

I like the idea that outdoor ice rink supporters put on inline skates and make use of these tennis courts. The funds directed to study the outdoor ice rink should be used to update the tennis courts with freshly painted lines, etc.

It is high time Kamloops council shows the provincial and federal governments financial management leadership, saving taxpayers $4.2 million of grant funds that could be better used elsewhere.

The remaining $1.8 million from gambling revenue should see a brighter day helping disadvantaged adult citizens with schooling and vocational training.

The ice rink’s estimated $120,000 annual operating expense is likely 100 per cent too low.

This money would be of better use helping financially challenged students with tuition at Thompson Rivers University.

Gerald Antoniak


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