Letter: Outdoor pot farms smell, reader warns


Re: (Story: ‘Neighbours not happy with plan for Westsyde cannabis facility’, Wednesday, Nov. 6):

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I wanted to voice my experience living near cannabis production facilities since I am a resident of Westwold.

I am not the next-door neighbour to the big one here, but we have cannabis growing facilities at either end of our community.

The one by the Legion is indoors and only smells when they are processing or they don’t keep up on their air filter changes.

The large outdoor facility, on the other hand, smells all summer long.

At a community meeting, residents were told that the outdoor facility will only smell if and when the plants were disturbed.

It turns out Mother nature is constantly disturbing them — wind, rain, et cetera.

Neighbours close to this outdoor grow are not happy.

You can smell it every time you go past this area of highway.

I just want the residents in Westsyde to know what they are in for.

Because it is agriculture, they cannot stop it.

Linda Niefer

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