Letter: Patrick wants fairness from city residents


I am writing this letter with hope that Kamloops This Week will be fair enough to let the public know the other side of this story.

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There are always two sides.

I was raised to believe that you are innocent until proven guilty.

If you, Kamloops This Week, keep printing articles that state unproven criminal behaviour about us, it will be difficult to have a fair trial. Cameron Cole is not an associate — he is family and I am proud to have him in my life.

Cameron made his way through life from the age of six, pretty much on his own, although he did have loving grandparents.

He managed to graduate and become a carpenter.

He formed a company, Cole and Sons, a start to his future.

Yes, maybe the RCMP found an explosive device in his shop. There are at least 10 people with keys to the shop.

I’ll guarantee that he never knew that device was there.

He is a father of four who loves his family as much, or more, than anybody I know.

I strongly believe he wouldn’t put his family in harm’s way.

I have seen his kids playing at the shop many times.

As for me, I made a mistake in 2014 — I am dealing with that.

That does not mean I am guilty of things that are said by untruthful people.

Regarding the Dallas incident, all I ask is to let the courts do their job and the truth will come out.

And, for Kamloops This Week and the people of Kamloops, I thank you for letting me have a say.

Charlie Patrick

Editor’s note: Charles Patrick is facing a number of firearms charges in connection with an incident at a home in Dallas last year. He is in custody at Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre and set to appear in provincial court for a bail hearing Thursday morning.

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