Letter: Perpetual daylight saving time works


I’ve read reader H.W. Druskee’s March 8 letter to the editor several times in an attempt to clarify his position on the twice-annual time change (‘An argument for keeping time change’).

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I’m still mystified by much of the letter, but it seems to make a rational case for moving to daylight saving time year-round.  Druskee offers a lot of advice to overcoming the inconvenience and problems of time changes, but they can all be avoided by simply not changing the clocks at all.

 I once asked an Indi­genous person what he thought of the practise of changing the clocks twice per year.

He said, “Well, this is a typical white man’s solution to a blanket that’s too short; you cut two inches off the top and sew it onto the bottom.”

This was the best explanation I’ve heard for a pointless custom.

John Richardson


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