Letter: 'Philistinism and a lack of integrity'


Re: (‘Doll dates delivered in Kamloops,’ Nov. 21):

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This is wrong on so many levels.

It is disconcerting that the city licensing department perhaps did not do its homework when researching if this might not be regarded as an illegal enterprise.

Auar Dolls, a Toronto business, had its lease cancelled due to a zoning bylaw that bans adult entertainment parlours from certain areas, including residential areas. The company was also advised the proposed use was illegal.

Sugarcoat it however you want — it’s a brothel.

Sophia Hladick with Vancouver Rape Relief was quoted in the Vancouver media as saying, “The fact that men are willing to penetrate an object ... further normalizes that kind of attitude. It is ... another example of how women are objectified in the media and how that objectification is promoted”.

Jonathan Van Maren of LifeSiteNews was quoted as saying, “Proponents of sex dolls claim they give men a harmless way to act on violent or deviant or sexual desires, with some endorsing the use of sex dolls of children by pedophiles.

“Just as pornography objectifies and dehumanizes women while inflaming ugly desires that may have been previously dormant or even nonexistent, the sex doll phenomenon is simply one more step down that road — and a more dangerous one.”

Dangers include exposure to blood and body fluids or substances and body fluids that pose a risk for blood-borne virus transmission.

The city is willing to act on trust that this business is going to clean its product outside of the owner’s residence, at a storage facility?

And exactly where are the contaminants being disposed?

Is the company covered under any insurance for disease transmissions?

I disagree with House of Dolls owner Kristen Dickson’s flippant cavalier attitude of how the dolls perform and with how she equates it to an escort agency — “but without live prostitutes and human beings involved.”

I also disagree with KTW editor Christopher Foulds’ column on the matter (‘The Dating Game, 2.0,’ Nov. 23), in which he wrote about rubber-like plastic sex dolls and artificial intelligence.

For city hall to approve this licence and for KTW and other newspapers to endorse it as a front page headline clearly shows philistinism and a lack of integrity.

Sharlene Klein


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