Letter: Pipeline issue a battle between Davids and a Goliath


Three months ago, many constituents in Cathy McLeod’s  Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding received her quarterly MP mailout.

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This particular issue was detailing her tour of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion route from Edmonton to Burnaby.

Perhaps Trans Mountain was picking up her tab because she only spoke about her visits with pro-expansion people. We didn’t know about her tour and we live on the pipeline in Little Fort. We would have appreciated the opportunity to voice our concerns.

Like 424 other constituents, I took the time to fill out her questionnaire and specifically requested a call back from her.

Not surprisingly, I heard nothing.

Out of 424 constituents who answered her survey, 25 of us (call us Davids) are truly concerned about tarsands expansion (the reason we need pipeline expansion) and the predicted detriment to our environment.

We believe the intergovernmental scientists who are warning of catastrophic consequences if we don’t wake up immediately and take drastic measures to maintain global warming within 1.5 C of pre-industrial levels.

Proponents cite job creation.

What is the advantage of creating high-paying jobs for people that take them away from their families to live in camps? I suspect life in these camps leads to unhealthy lifestyles for some.

What becomes of all those big wages? Big pickup trucks, boats, RVs and toys, huge mortgages, escalating debt, substance abuse, broken families and so forth.

Remember those bumper stickers in Alberta? “Please, God, let there be another oil boom and I promise this time I won’t blow it.”

We’ve been dealing with Trans Mountain for the past 31 years as the pipeline bisects our property in Little Fort.

People keep asking us what kind of a deal we have struck with Trans Mountain for the proposed expansion.

We have no deal.

Our conscience will not allow us to be part of a project that is significantly contributing to the mass destruction of our planet.

Our hope is finding a way to hinder and prolong the process to the point Goliath will finally see the light and this insane project will be scrapped.

I implore readers to think hard about our future on this planet. Pay attention, do some research and maybe re-evaluate your position on the Trans Mountain expansion project.

Like it or not, we’re all in this together.

Kathy Karlstrom
Little Fort

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