Letter: Ponderosa Lodge needs some TLC


A friend and I went to visit another friend who was sent to Ponderosa Lodge downtown for physiotherapy after she broke her leg.

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This was the first time I had reason to visit the facility at Columbia Street and Fourth Avenue.

At the front entrance, we were welcomed with dirt, weeds, garbage and dead, brown grass.

When we wheeled our friend out to the so-called patio-garden for some sun and fresh air, we saw a good deal more of the same — brown weeds and plants, overgrown dead grass and empty flower boxes.

The only colour was a couple of out of control rose bushes that were hanging over the sidewalks, making it hard to maneuvre a wheelchair past.

There were trees and shrubs that hadn’t been pruned in years.

What an absolute disgrace for a place that is supposed to promote recuperation and healing.

Our 90-plus year-old friend in the wheelchair could have taken better care of the place. Her yard is beautiful.

Cassie Koroll

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