Letter: Power grab by BC Hydro it outright theft


To quote Robert Heinlien: There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.

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Over the years, I have kept track of the amount I have paid in extortion fees mandated by BC Hydro in order to prevent my power from being cut. To date, I have overpaid $1533.15.

This amount is the extortion fees charged for keeping my legacy meter, which was my “choice,” and the radio-off meter when BC Hydro confiscated my analog meter.

Now, of course, we are being hit with a customer crisis fund charge, ostensibly to help those who can’t afford to pay their ever-increasing hydro bills due to the cost of the “smart” meter program.

My bill reflects taxes on electricity charges, yet BC Hydro sees fit to collect tax even on the extortion fees ($20 per month) the customer crisis fund, though they are obviously not electrical charges.

There is no accounting for where all these gratuitous fees accumulate (multiply that by all the disgruntled customers who have lost their analog meters.)

It seems BC Hydro is accountable to no one.

It seems there is no other option than to go off grid, which, sadly, isn’t a viable option for most of us.

Wonder what happened to the powers of BCUC, which was designed to monitor the honesty and efficiency of BC Hydro?

P. Gregson


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