Letter: Put wading pool before outdoor rink


It is estimated to cost $3 million to build the proposed outdoor skating rink.

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Yet the city, though it promised to do so, still has not found the money to build a wading pool in McDonald Park after it unceremoniously tore out the outdoor swimming pool in the North Shore park.

The decision to close that pool left youngsters in that area of Kamloops without a healthy outlet for their exuberance during the hot summer months.

The North Shore is one of the most under-serviced neighbourhoods in the city.

One would think the powers-that-be would honour first the promise to those youth and families to give them a good-sized wading pool that does not require a Zamboni, massive outdoor refrigeration equipment, supervision staff, etc., before agreeing to spend money on an outdoor public skating rink on the South Shore.

Residents of the North Shore deserve better from this council.

After all, they are part of our city, too, not separate and apart.

Pat Campbell


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