Letter: Reusable canvas/cloth bag alternatives are bacteria breeders


We do not believe in the new cult-like religion of environmental doom and gloom, nor in the narrative of the scary and dangerous life-sucking plastic grocery bag.

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Immune-deficient people should not be using reusable canvas/cloth bag alternatives due to the excessive bacteria exposure and accumulation as meats and affected vegetables are inserted into the bags over and over again.

Plastic products used in the food industry, including sterile gloves, straws and bags, serve as an important line of defence against the transfer of treacherous bacteria, which is particularly important to the most vulnerable among us.

Biodegradable plastic bags are now available as an alternative to the truly dangerous reusable canvas/cloth bag.

Only excessive amounts of bleach and detergent in a washing machine cycle can provide some defence against the dangerous build-up of bacteria within the alternative canvas/cloth grocery bag.

That washing machine cycle of precious water is certainly more hazardous to the environment than a biodegradable plastic bag, which safely decomposes in a landfill.

It is always a few dozen activist leaders who make all the noise, which often results in the emotionally charged decisions of civic leaders that can result in unintended consequences.

Banning plastic bags in Kamloops will not offer the planet any advantage whatsoever — beyond that of a foolish symbolic gesture that may actually weaken a future effort by council to affect the well-being of the city for a truly logical purpose.

History has proven that environmental problems are best solved by technology and not by banning easy-to-target products and processes.

In this case, the problem has already been solved by the biodegradable plastic bag.

D. Smith and family


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