Letter: Save this spiritual sanctuary


There’s a little piece of heavenly paradise hidden in the golden suburbs of Westsyde that I’d like to reveal to the residents of Kamloops.

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If you haven’t already, you may one day experience the child-like wonder and joy that every lucky visitor is blessed with upon stepping foot on its hallowed ground.

It’s a chunk of earth that must have slipped from the heavens itself because it contains such stunning beauty and tranquility that it could only be painted by God’s own hand.

This gem is located in Centennial Park and, once you’ve parked, you are mere steps from reaching the promised land.

Upon entering the sacred arena, you may not even notice that your mind has gone quiet, your body has gone soft and each breath is a dip into a wondrous realm of peace.

Unfortunately, this spiritual sanctuary is at grave risk of disappearing. The ever-changing North Thompson River has gone to work, tearing away large chunks of the popular and beatific nature preserve.

There is a solution, however, and that is to place riprap along the riverbank.

A similar project was done for private properties from Bermer Place to Settlement Place, but instead of protecting homes for a few individuals, this project would save a unique part of nature for thousands to enjoy.

I implore the good folks of our city to not only visit and enjoy this wondrous area, but also show support in saving it.

A man who brought his family for photos on the spot spoke to me.

His eyes were glazed over with love as he whispered, “That’s God’s country.”

Grant Koivula

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