Letter: Service in Kamloops not so Handy for this senior


I have a serious complaint about HandyDart service and the two taxi companies in Kamloops.

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Recently, a receptionist called HandyDart for me, trying to arrange a ride home.

The receptionist was told that I was to watch for the driver and advised where they would park.

On that side of the building there are no windows. On the side facing the street, the windows are so high, no one can see the street.

After 45 minutes, the receptionist went outside to check and no one was there.

She phoned again and was told they were sending a taxi and that I had to be outside watching for it. I wasn’t dressed to be outside for one hour. I will turn 93 next month.

The taxi drivers in Kamloops don’t get out of their cars. They wait for seven minutes. If no one is around, they leave.

Some time ago, I was at the grocery store. The cashier phoned a taxi for me and told them I would be in the luncheon area. One hour went by and no taxi arrived. The cashier phoned again and was told a cab was on the way. Two hours went by and still no taxi arrived.

Finally, someone in the store gave me a ride home.

HandyDart and taxis are the only means of me getting to my appointments. I have no family living here and my friends are younger and work.

These complaints are not mine alone as I know several seniors with the same issues.

I have never had a problem with HandyDart drivers, although we do have to phone two days ahead to book a ride.

Louise Kennedy

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